Do you love mountain walks?

Mountain walksAt last, the sun is here! Here at the Garnì Roberta Hotel in Malga Ciapela, it’s May and summer has arrived.

What better time to reward oneself with walks through the majestic Dolomites?
Walking the many footpaths over the Dolomites is a fascinating and stimulating experience. The Garnì Roberta Malga Ciapela Hotel offers an ideal starting point for your mountain walks.

The mountains are peaceful, full of mystery and beauty. To see the Dolomites at their best, we must follow the example set by the creatures that inhabit the mountain woodlands and blend into the landscape ourselves. This increases the likelihood of seeing – with a little luck – not only the flora, but also the fauna that lives in the mountains around Malga Ciapela.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your mountain walks:

Silence is golden! If you want to meet the inhabitants of the mountainside, don’t disturb them. The animals are shy and scare easily, so step softly and avoid creating unnecessary noise.
• Don’t forget that, in the mountains, your equipment is crucial. It is important that you have suitable footwear! Walking in sandals or gym shoes is dangerous as they do not grip the ground well and provide no protection against sprains. Wearing walking boots is the best way to protect both your health and your safety and avoid painful blisters.
• Walking means sweating, which dehydrates the body. Remember, you are not a camel, so you need to pack at least a couple of litres of water, or an energy drink to ensure correct absorption of vital mineral salts by the body.
• Finally, companionship is everything. Not only is it great to share the special moments along these walks with people whose company we enjoy, but walking companions provide additional safety: if you get into difficulties, it is also good to have someone to count on for help!