Thank you for the winter season here at the Garni Roberta

Our room - Garnì Roberta Hotel Malga CiapelaAnd so the winter season here at the Garnì Roberta Hotel Malga Ciapela has ended.

These months have been intense, demanding and with constant running around. Yet, we wouldn’t have forgone a single minute. This is because each moment has given us a lot of satisfaction: for example, seeing you eat our early morning breakfast with pleasure. So many compliments! This motivated us to try and prepare something even tastier each day.

Then, there’s the new rooms: we asked ourselves if you would have liked them as much as us, and it was nice to discover that you did. You admired the new decor, the new spaces and in other rooms many of you recognized the little surprises that we introduced to make your stay more enjoyable. It was a surprise to realize that even in these little touches our Garnì also belongs to you. Today it’s empty and we think about our most beautiful moments spent together.

The snowing, which it seemed would never end, the evening conversations in front of the stove and the stories on how you spent your days. These are our most beautiful moments of the winter. And you? What did you take home from your holidays here? We would love to hear it or see some photos. It would be a way to re-live the times gone by whilst waiting for the summer! Here it seems the sun has finally decided to emerge. Some of the old-timers in the village say it will be a very green summer with lots of nice weather. One more reason to wait for you here again, see you in a few months!